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R U OK? Challenge

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour and more unashamed conversations" - Glenn Close

Connection is so important to our mental wellbeing. It is safe to say this year has challenged us all in different ways. We have all had good days the some bad days and it's been an emotional rollercoaster.

The team at Chakra have felt this too. We have lent on one another to have some uncomfortable conversations with and to try and guide each other through this troubling time.

As a team we wanted to raise awareness around people checking in on their friends and colleagues; the strong ones, the quiet ones, the loud ones and asking R U OK?

So in the month of August we have decided to each walk/run (most likely crawl) 100km each and 700km as a team to help support this amazing campaign. Please help us make a difference with a small donation through this link or spread the love with a big shout out.

Uplifting mental health related resources: