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Let's Talk Pigmentation


What is Melanin?
It is one of our defence systems of the skin, it moves up to create a shield between us and the sun  comes up to defend us from damaging rays of the sun.
It is there to protect us even if we are inflamed or stressed. It occurs more so in darker skins.
Melanin is produced in the basal layer of the skin.
We need to understand why it started and how long it has been there in order to treat it successfully.
What causes Pigmentation? 
There are many different reasons why we see pigmentation in the skin. It can be because of genetics, excessive sun (UV), hormones, medication (contraceptive pill, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety), stress, pregnancy, incompatible products that don’t support the skin and more.
Hyperpigmentation is formed when the defence system of our skin over produces melanin. It is generally categorised as two types; inflammatory pigmentation and passive pigmentation.
Inflammatory pigmentation
Is typically caused by outside factors such as sun damage (UV), trauma to the skin and reactions to cosmetic products.
Once treated it should not recur unless the attack is repeated.
Passive pigmentation
Is caused by an internal chemical imbalance, increase in melanin stimulating hormone that can be caused  because of hormones, menopause,  medications, stress, illness and more.
This is generally more deep seated in the epidermis and on the face it can be found around the forehead, under the eyes and on the upper lip.
Passive is generally harder to treat.