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Say no to WINTER SKIN!

For all of winter’s delights there are a few not so pleasant side effects. Winter tends to be the time when people start to notice their skin getting dry and at times flaky. So, before you start over exfoliating or switching to a thick moisturiser, let us offer you some tips & tricks to turn that skin from flaky to fabulous.

What causes Winter skin?

It occurs as the moisture from the upper layers of the skin is lost. This causes the skin to dry out. Factors such as:

  • Dry air (lack of humidity)
  • Temperature drop
  • Artificial heating

Can all add to winter skin.

What does Winter skin look like?

8 tips to beat Winter skin

1. Drizzle some oil:

Oils: Face oils are a quick and effective way to hydrate and soothe the skin. They are jam packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs) which help restore the skins natural barrier function – locking in hydration and preventing water loss. You will also always get more hydration out of an oil than a moisturizer.

PSA* oil won’t make you oily – we promise! 

We love Seba-e with Herb and Mineral Mist & Mystiq beauty oil.


Treat your skin to some extra love with a weekly face mask. As your face can get easily irritated by the wind and cold conditions, using a hydrating face masque is instantly soothing. It will calm down any redness and leave your skin nice and juicy.

We love Hydrating Masque and Bio Hydrating mask. You can pop it on for 20 mins or leave it on overnight. BLISS! 

3. Layer the hydration:

Hydroloc is an occlusive crème that is designed to prevent the skin from drying out while protecting it from environmental damage and artificial heating/cooling.

It contains safflower oil which is rich in vitamins that will transform your skin from dry to velvet. Perfect to lather on in the morning or night.


Switch your cleanser to a milk or oil to get clean with extra nourishment. Your cleanser should never “strip” your skin but if you are feeling a little sensitive then this is a great start. 

We love DMK Milk Cleanser & Lira Bio Enzyme Cleanser.


You might not feel the heat but UV rays are still there. UVB rays (UV Burning) are weaker in winter, however UVA (UV Ageing) remain the same all year round – rain, hail or shine.

Apply SPF daily to your face, neck, chest and back of hands.

We love LIRA Hydrating SPF and Classic Tint SPF.


Increasing your good fat content with food and supplements is not only beneficial for healthy gut function but also for healthy strong skin.

Eat warmer food with more greens, salmon, sardines, brussels sprouts, chia seeds, walnuts, avocado and the list goes on and on.
Increase your intake of Essential Fatty Acids- they are a must!

We love DMK EFA Ultra and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega liquid or capsules.


There is nothing nicer than having a hot steamy shower, followed by sitting in front of a heater. But I have bad news. Neither are really good for us!

Hot showers can over dry our skin and cause capillary damage, not just on the face but also on the body. The dry heat from a vent will also suck the hydration out of our skin. Stay warm but resist the urge to sit directly under the vent.


Add a few drops of oil into your body moisturizer or try DMK Maximum Moisture (game changer!) It penetrates deep into the skin cells delivering moisture and nutrients to repair the skin inside out. What’s better? You can apply it straight to damp skin.


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